Psychosomatic Release Exercise: ideal for painful spots related to stress and anxiety

Feb 03, 2022

In the video below we try a psychosomatic release technique from the Integrative Sciences together. 

It is extracted from a live webinar. We try the exercise and discuss some relevant implications. 

This is a very practical video, if you want to dive deep into some of its theoretical and scientific foundations, you can watch these videos on 4 key points for integrated mind-body work. 

In about 20 minutes we test and see:

  •  the basic technique 
  •  Some variants 
  •  A specific mode involving eyes movement 
  •  Questions and answers 

This technique is particularly helpful with anxiety and stress-related pain, especially in the neck, shoulder and calves areas (but not only!). 

Enjoy watching and experimenting with the exercise! 

NB: do you want to learn another release technique focused on mouth, temples and neck? Here you can find 3 techniques and many different variants. 




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