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There are many online courses and techniques for managing anxiety and stress, for regulating emotions, managing trauma, for restoring physiology and the correct functioning of adaptation mechanisms, for promoting change, for managing nutrition and restoring the body's physiology, to regulate the hormonal response, to resolve the inflammatory processes underlying many disorders and much more in the HUB.

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Practical Applications

Intentionally integrate the latest theories and insights to find more ways to understand and help the people you support


Effective Methods

Discover new effective methods and tools you can easily introduce in your daily practice


Long-Lasting Results

Learn how to act on all the levels and factors at play to obtain deeper and long-lasting results

Are you passionate about helping, caring, healing, coaching others?

Great, then you probably know that an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach is essential to manage complex cases and gain effective and long-lasting results. 

Treating complex diseases (such as psychosomatic issues, resistance to change, chronic situations, traumatic or  other deep-rooted dysfunctions) is some of the most demanding, complex work we do.

Even when facing ‘standard problems’ - if there are any - you know you could do something more. 

In all these cases, many of the ways we’ve been trained to work, even if perfectly done, are not enough. 

With the Integrative Sciences models and techniques, we can help you work pragmatically with a global perspective, taking into account all the systems and the processes involved (neuroplasticity, adaptation and stress responses, body-mind-brain interconnections, emotions and immunity responses, epigenetics, the gut microbiome and the gut-brain axis, etc.).  

Through the HUB, you discover the latest scientific insights, how to use them to understand and explain to your patient or client their specific disease or difficulties, and select the right tools and methods to deal with it.

“Thanks to my Integrative Sciences HUB membership, I was able to learn at my own pace, in my own time. It gave me easy access to the knowledge and tools that before used to make me struggle and waste a lot of time.”

- David Jones, PhD, CEO of The MindDev Center

The Integrative Sciences HUB is ideal for professionals who:

  • Wish to improve their ability to understand and properly frame any symptom, pathology and disfunction from a scientific and integrated perspective, and develop their mastery to practically apply this knowledge to their work.
  • Want to understand and use the latest findings on stress, neuroplasticity, neuroscience, epigenetics, nutrition science, neurobiology, immunology, behavioural sciences, etc. in ways that are useful to support your current practice.
  • Aim to use a framework to assess the whole person (not only the symptoms or a single domain such as ‘only emotions’ ‘only posture’, but keeping in mind all the connections), always knowing what to focus on, which strategy or tool use and what to do next
  • Desire to grow your business by extending what you offer and enjoy a 360° workflow in your practice. 
  • Work in a difficult and crowded market and want to stand out from the rest and carve out a niche as an Integrative Sciences professional.

You will learn many ways to work with the connections between:

  • posture
  • emotions
  • mind flows
  • movement
  • communication patterns
  • advanced breathing schemes
  • graphical thought representations
  • patterns of attention and interoception
  • needs and motivation

Easy and Practical

We make complexity simple, clear for you and the people you work with, and with practical tools you can decline perfectly with every person and application context. 


Integrative Sciences HUB
is designed around four core elements:



  • Only proven and effective methods are taught.
  • Practical tools and knowledge you can easily integrate into your daily practice.
  • Flexible instruments that you can use in many areas such as: health, personal development, relationship, business, productivity, happiness, etc.


  • You see practical examples
  • Have access to step-by-step guides
  • Can download useful worksheets and informative materials: learning and skill-building that you can implement immediately.


  • You can (if you want to) engage in tested activities and practices, which will give you a great leverage point to create and maintain mastery.


  • You have access to the most recent and cutting edge developments, without having to delve into specific literature.

Enjoy Targeted Theory and Practical Applications in the Following Areas:

Applied Neuroscience (cognitive, social, affective), PNEI (adaptation, allostatic load, stress axis), Interpersonal Neurobiology, Evolutionary Anthropology (primal social schemes), Mental and Emotional metabolism, Biomechanics of Adaptation and Emotional responses, Fascia as a connecting and interoceptive organ, Memory consolidation and reconsolidation, and more!

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New Courses, Lectures, and
Techniques are added every month:



Who is the HUB for? 

The Integrative Sciences HUB is for professionals working in the fields of human behaviour, mental & physical health, education, development & wellbeing.

  • Therapists, psychologists and counsellors
  • Physiotherapists, Osteopaths 
  • Coaches (Health, Life & Business)
  • Movement specialists (e.g. Yoga, Feldenkrais)
  • Body workers (e.g. rolfers, massage therapists)
  • Meditation and mindfulness specialists
  • Helping professionals & Allied Health Practitioners
  • Educators, Teachers & Trainers

Benefits and Outcomes

Benefits of joining Integrative
Sciences HUB include:


 MORE THAN 14 ONLINE COURSES you can access immediately

MONTHLY UPDATES to stay on the cutting edge with the last scientific knowledge & practical effective tools

LIVE APPLICATION SESSIONS (recording available too)

PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES with step-by-step training

DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEETS and other practical supports to actively engage your clients/patients in the process right from the initial assessment throughout all
the work together.

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY to discuss use-cases, share ideas, take part in working group, create a network of like-minded people.

By subscribing you become a member of the Association for Integrative Sciences too, having the possibility to take part in conferences and workshops at a reduced fee, receive exclusive materials, etc.

✔ The annual certificate of completion in Integrative Sciences.

We pursue and share an
integrated and integrative approach.

All the courses are related (you can find cross-references in each course), but they are organised in such a way that they can follow in the order you prefer and at your own pace.

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You can join these courses right now:

Upcoming Courses included in your subscription to the HUB:

Updates and New Modules: 

     Psychosomatic Stretching 

     Integrative Functional Patterns 

     The Key Role of Nutrition

     Interpersonal Accommodation

     The Ideographic Thinking

Brand New Courses:

    The Stress-Reset Routine: restore the physiological mind/body stress response

    Slow Movement-Fast Integration

    Sounds, Rhythms & the Brain

    The Modular Mindset & Strategy

    The Experiential Path Design

    Brain Decision

❖.   And more to come…

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Group 1 courses


The courses in this group are the connection between theory and practice: they enable analysis and planning at every level; they offer worksheets for analysis and work with patients/clients and contain a series of practical suggestions for change; they enable users to select and employ the different techniques in the HUB.

Introduction to Change Switches

A model that includes all levels and elements that contribute to determining a specific mental, emotional, health or learning states. We start at micro-level (cells, epigenetics etc.) and then move on to physical adaptation models (inflammation, allostatic load, neural plasticity etc.) right up to non-conscious development and adaptation dynamics (ancestral needs, social hierarchies etc.) through to more refined creative, interpersonal communication and postural flows. 

Analysis of Behavioural Flows and of Ancestral Needs

A method of analysing behaviour across multiple levels (communication, thought, posture, relationships, movement etc.) and of uncovering underlying needs and motivations. Useful to analyse and act on the connection between deeper motivations and behavioural, thought and relationship modes.

Integrative Functional Patterns

Intervene on all specific systems at the core of: behaviour, emotional reactions, stress, decisions and interpersonal relationships. Key to analyse all elements at play. Very effective in helping the patient or client gain clarity and regain control of adaptation, defensive and motivational processes.



Brain Networks

Practical applications of the latest advances in brain science, to better understand and face Stress, Adaptation, Emotions and Traumatic Events. A training module for those that love to understand the neurobiological processes at the heart of emotions, behaviour and thoughts. It can be used to explain dysfunctional processes at the heart of problem behaviour or of disease, to identify specific dysfunctions for intervention, or it can be a bridge between other theories and neuro-based models. 

Group 2 courses


These are the most powerful, complete and flexible techniques among the Integrative Applied Sciences. They can be used individually to pursue specific objectives or in synergy within a project using the "Transversal Models and Methods" system.

Isometric Emotions

A set of techniques to restore physiology and effective functions of the adaptation mechanisms (fight, flight, freeze, pain, allostatic load, and more). Enables the recovery of physiological state on emotional-physical blockages, without necessarily investigating the traumatic memory (but if the skills and will are there, it can support targeted psychotherapy techniques by adding a relevant physical and experiential element).

Crossed-Cycles Breathing

The breathing technique that acts on all levels to: regulate stress responses, restore well-being and physiology to mind and body, develop self-control in every situation. Acts in a targeted way on breathing flow dysfunctions connected to excessive stress, chronic emotional states, hyper- or hypo- activation and traumatic events.


Interpersonal Accommodation

Relational techniques to recover and develop resistance to interpersonal stress, and a basic sense of security in relational dynamics. Enables integration and recovery of physiology and naturalness in response to psycho-physical reactions that were not fully developed because of emotional deprivation, lack of social experiences, implicit learning or traumatic events.

Emotion & Behaviour Modulation: with post-its

How to regulate Emotional Responses and activate appropriate Behaviour. Through a practical and interactive method (and post-its!). Interactive technique where visual representation in post-its helps awareness, expression and change in emotional response repertoire.

Key Role of Nutrition

Understanding and managing the relationship between nutrition, behaviour, emotions, and psychosomatic disorders. A course exploring the modern and provenly effective scientific bases of nutrition and metabolism with a 360 degree impact on health, well-being, immune system, mood, physical and mental energy.

Course modules: 
1. Nutrition and Inflammation
2. How Nutrition Affects Health
3. Ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting


Brain-informed Tasting & Cooking

Developing a greater understanding of flavours and perceptions allows intervention on different primary and fundamental levels. In this course we learn to taste, select and prepare food in an ideal way while also acting on: primal survival and adaptation reflexes; managing what is toxic, both literally and metaphorically; neurobiological circuits shared by tasting, adaptation and evolution processes; connections between food-sensations-feelings-hormones; food, motivation and energy; how to cook and savour foods with a view to personal development: social elements in eating.

Group 3 courses


Structured yet flexible methods to intervene on features or specific aspects of thought processes, memories, emotions and connected behaviour.

Mind and Body Detox

Discover the role of food and environmental toxins that alter our mind and body’s healthy balance in an invisible but significant way.
Learn to identify and avoid them and how to eliminate those that are already in the body through nutrition, integration, healthy habits and lifestyles.
How to act on the LIVER, INTESTINE and SURRENAL Glands to purify the body. The "TOXIC" foods and substances that promote inflammation and intoxicate the body. The foods that promote the body's purifying process. The supplements that support purification. Lots of practical tips to lower stress and promote detoxification

Integrative Mindfulness 

The beauty of mindfulness enriched and broadened through Integrative Sciences. A series of techniques, exercises and practical suggestions that are applicable in different contexts for your well-being, to recover energy, to release tension or to bring focus back to where it really is required. The techniques and all their variations have been studied and developed over time to help people be present, live experiences fully, bringing thought flows, physical flows, external and internal sensations and emotions, stress responses, the most primitive relational dynamics as well as the most evolved ones back into harmony and physiological state.

The Microbiome's power over the mind

How to manage mood, emotions and stress responses via gut microbiome moderation.
What to eat, what to avoid, key probiotics, targeted supplements and lots of practical suggestions to rebalance the gut and reduce anxiety, stress, depression and dysfunctional behaviour.
Discover which foods help reduce inflammation and restore gut bacterial flor.
- Understand the probiotic families that regulate the gut microbiome.
- Discover how intestinal health influences thoughts, emotions, mood and behaviour - and vice versa.



Mouth, Anger and Stress

The “Mouth, Anger and Stress” psychosomatic release technique is developed and studied to:
Give immediate relief to pain and psychosomatic tension in the area of the mouth, temples and neck; Release accumulated tension or dysfunctionally blocked emotions in this delicate area; Gain practical tools to intervene on an area that is often overlooked by other techniques and theories, but that is key to our emotional life; Free up physical and emotional tensions in these areas, unblock certain connections (anatomically, at neurobiological and emotional level) with areas such as the diaphragm, cervical and lower back area, so as to achieve more impactful results on psychosomatic issues in these parts of the body too.

Ideographic Thinking

Thinking, Images and Mental Representations work together to analyze, change, decide and develop new ideas. Much more than mental maps, diagrams, sketch-notes, etc. But a complete and vast series of instruments to visually represent thought that can be declined and applied in many ways: in analysis and problem solving, as a tool to favour cooperation between patient and therapist or mentor-mentee, development of systemic thinking, study and efficient note taking, cooperation in groups in complex projects etc.

The Mind O' Clock technique

Train your THOUGHTS to be flexible and efficient in any situation! An alternative strategy for thought regulation to the more well-known ones: it is not focused on content or acceptance, but on managing flows and therefore on bringing them back under control, focusing attention, making space for creativity and divergence, accepting incongruence and reintegrating it constructively, etc.




Optimised Memory Editing and Memory Reconsolidation Tolls and Processes.
A new App and set of Tools to intervene on subconscious processes, emotional memories, automatic schemas, and implicit memories. A single method, different strategies and an app focused on the processes and strategies that are most efficient in favouring change processes for memories of all kinds.

Group 4 courses


These were some of the earliest modules to be developed for the HUB. They are very focused and can be used to work in a targeted way on their subject. These modules, unlike the others, will not be updated. The themes they target are constantly updated and expanded in more encompassing courses.

Modular Breakdown

A practical method to help people analyse situations and complex feelings in different contexts: analysing a problem, managing physical pain, listening to sensations etc.

The Talking Mind Method

A collection of communication schemas that are useful to help understand how thought can be made more flexible, how not to rise to provocation, to remain constructive and not fall into manipulation and power game traps.

The Change Cycle

A modern revisiting of a classic of change with practical tips to overcome dysfunctional habits (compulsive eating, smoking etc) and establish healthier ones (sport etc.)

Breathing in the Square

New updated version coming soon.


Upcoming Courses included in your subscription to the HUB:

Updates and New Modules: 

     Psychosomatic Stretching 

     Integrative Functional Patterns 

     The Key Role of Nutrition

     Interpersonal Accommodation

     The Ideographic Thinking

     And more...

Brand New Courses:


The DETOX Protocol: how to detoxify the body and lower inflammation levels

The Stress-Reset Routine: restoring the physiological mind/body response to stress

Slow Movements-Fast Integration.

Sounds, Rhythms and the Brain

Modular Mindset & Strategy

Designing Evolutionary Experiential Pathways.

Brain Decision Method

And many more to come...

Your trainers


Dr. Fabio Sinibaldi, PsyD, MBPsS

With an international career spanning more than 20 years, he is the founder of the Association for Integrative Sciences.

Fabio is an expert in Applied Neuroscience and PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology, which he combines with an evolutionary and ethological point of view.

Working as a clinician, researcher and trainer, he is the developer of Integrative Sciences, the Switch Model, Integrative Functional Patterns and all the techniques you will learn in this course.

He is a lecturer at post-graduate schools for psychotherapy and counselling and gives seminars for universities and institutions in various countries. Fabio is a regular speaker at national and international conferences and is the author of many successful books and articles, including:

Stress, Emotions and Health - The Manual for Integrative Professionals.
Science, methods and tools to work on connections between emotions, posture, brain, metabolism, immunity and all the processes at the heart of health and development

Dr. Sara Achilli, B.Sc. Nutrition

Co-founder and Vice President of the Association for Integrative Sciences.

She is an expert in nutrition and well-being, focusing on how food and physical activity affect health, emotional responses, mood and cognitive abilities.

She created, elaborated and developed the Metabolic-Emotional Switch model to address the inflammatory state of the gut and brain, and the energy metabolism of mind-body efficiency.

She researches and evaluates the interactions between nutrition, cellular and inflammatory responses, pain response, emotional regulation and behaviour.

Author of several books and articles, including:

Stress, Emotions and HealthThe Manual for Integrative Professionals.
Science, methods and tools to work on connections between emotions, posture, brain, metabolism, immunity and all the processes at the heart of health and development

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

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“Every day I work with complex situations. This course, and all the related Integrative HUB modules, gave me the opportunity to increase my and tools and be more effective in a targeted manner. I am very grateful for the great opportunity of being part of an open system with: constantly updated information, tools that can be used immediately, but that also helps me understand the mechanisms that allow to practice personalized interventions and optimize tools already in my possession.”

- Betty Lopez, Counsellor and Educator


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