Mind & Body: 4 fundamental concepts to inform care and change processes

Feb 03, 2022

In this article we gathered 4 videos in which I talk about some fundamental concepts for those who work on care and change processes with an integrated approach. 

They are key elements necessary to properly frame any pathology, issue or dysfunction and, even more, to help put in place targeted interventions on different levels. This way our work will be more effective and encompassing. 

1. Introduction: different levels of mind and body changes 


2. Movement (to always keep working on!) and evolutionary behaviours 


3. Everything starts from the sensory sphere: emotions, adaptation, stress, etc. 


4. Regain balance in adaptation processes and in the flows (i.e. over mental blocks, posture, etc.) 

 Would you like to TRY AN EXERCISE based on these principles? 

Try out the psychosomatic release technique (here is a version for painful spots on the neck, back and calves). 

DISCOVER MORE about the Integrative Functional Patterns (the 8-phase scheme seen in this video).


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