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Intervene on all specific systems at the core of: behaviour, emotional reactions, stress, decisions and interpersonal relationships


Develop a COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH: From expectation to outside world influences, from primary reflexes to traumatic memories, from mental processes to interpersonal relationship dynamics

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"Discover a practical tool to analyse every element  and identify targeted action in order to favour change, well-being and development."

Fabio Sinibaldi, founder of Integrative Sciences

Broaden your outlook and develop an inclusive APPROACH with a practical model and integrative techniques

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Functional Integrative Patterns is a method, a work-tool, a set of techniques and instruments that professionals can use to:

⇨ 1. Understand processes and systems that moderate responses to stress, emotions, the body-mind relationship, decision and motivation processes 

⇨ 2. Return Adaptation, Recovery and Development patterns to a physiological state

⇨ 3. Find and share a work-method with the people you are working with 

⇨ 4. Plan and action targeted measures in a logical an effective sequence 

⇨ 5. Identify action hierarchies, dysfunctional models, interfering elements and any other elements that need to be actively managed

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Course outline

MODULES 1 & 2 


⇨ Foreword to Module 1 and the entire Course

⇨ What is the starting point of a particular behaviour?

⇨ the 3 macro-areas of Integrative Patterns


The 8 Pattern Phases: basic mechanisms and integrative processes

⇨ The very beginning: from perception to evaluation, 4 often hard to separate phases

⇨ The importance of “what happens before”: Preconditions and Predictions

⇨ Getting into action: from Reflexes to complete Control

⇨ From rest to added value: Adaptation, Recovery and Development


Early intervention: the importance of initial evaluation

⇨ Input that makes a difference: internal and external signals, discriminative features and contextual clues (with real-life example)


Reboot Techniques

⇨ How to use and understand the following techniques

⇨ Contrasting Signals

⇨ Amplifications and limitations 



Will be made available in the coming months and included in the Integrative Sciences HUB at no additional cost 


⇨ Detailed analysis of each phase: its distinguishing features and precise processes

⇨ Techniques to bring every aspect back to physiological state

⇨ Integrative Functional Patterns for: adaptation stress, emotions, decisions, motivation, relationships, development, learning. 

⇨ Strategies to manage Flows (creative, behavioural, postural, motor, communicative and other flows)

⇨Links with Ancestral NeedsEvolutionary Relationships and other Functional Patterns

⇨ Use in synergy with other HUB techniques and strategies for synergistic and targeted use 

⇨ Theoretical and scientific in-depth analysis

⇨ Working practice statements and guidelines

⇨ Worksheets to download and use in real life

⇨ And much more!

Strategies and practical tools to start using immediately in your daily working practice


A powerful tool that can be used independently or as an aid to integrate mind-body therapies, effective individual coaching, experiential laboratories, group educational, development or training activities.

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Danna Brant

An integrated and scientific method that is clear and easy to use…in short it’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to develop over the years and now here it is, ready and enriched with more detail than I ever could have achieved. I’m not sure if I’m making myself clear, but thank you! You’ve given me exactly what I wanted and more!!!”

J.M. Riccardo Ruiz de Cardenaz

“I love flexible but structured models. They allow me to move within a framework that helps guide me and keep my clients on track. It offers them the opportunity to always know at what stage they are at and helps them feel encouraged to explore new types and styles of action (behavioural, communicative and interpersonal. WOW!”

Fabio Sinibaldi, PsyD

Author | Research & Development | Keynote Speaker
President of the Association for Integrative Sciences
CEO & Founder at Real Way of Life 


Fabio is an expert in Applied Neurosciences and PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology which he combines with an evolutionary and ethological standpoint.

With an international career spanning more than 20 years, he is the founder of the Association for Integrative Sciences and of the Real Way of Life research and training institutes. 

Working as a clinician, researcher and trainer, he is the developer of the Integrative Sciences, the Switch Model, the Integrative Functional PatternsIsometric Emotions techniquesIdeographic Thinking, and several other integrative techniques (developed to manage psychosomatic diseases, chronic stress, trauma, self-regulation, emotions, development processes, etc. in a targeted way). 

His work incorporates: neuroplasticity, brain and mental metabolism, brain networks, nutritional neuroscience, primal social intelligence, mental-postural-emotional-motor flows, and more. 

He conducts seminars on The Switch Model throughout the world.

Lecturer at post graduate schools of psychotherapy and counselling, he holds seminars for universities and institutions in different countries.

Fabio regularly attends national and international congresses as a speaker, as well as an author of many successful books and articles published in different languages.


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