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Fabio Sinibaldi and Sara Achilli, founders of the Integrative Sciences

Understanding, healing, and developing with a 360° approach.

The rising complexity of human life and the evolution of science demand integration, not the past practice of compartmentalisation of mental health and physical health.

Research clearly shows that the only way to change, heal and grow is applying a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach, encompassing mind flows, body maps, communication patterns, postures, nutrition and metabolism, motivation and needs, movements, adaptation and emotional processes.

Integrative Sciences delve deep in different disciplines, integrates them and develops practical models, tools and techniques to gain a complete big picture of your clients or patients needs, the way them functions and help them with a global approach.

Science and research based, with heart and passion.

We want to support all those professionals looking for quality and effectiveness. We, with the help of our team and interacting with our brilliant community of professionals, integrate different disciplines to act on all levels of change and health.

We rely on well founded sciences, disciplines, we look at the most relevant researches and we do research ourselves. All our courses, methods, books, models and techniques are the result of a long path of analysis, testing and continuously perfecting process.


The Integrative Sciences offer you the latest theories and effective tools to:


Manage Emotions


Regulate Stress and Anxiety Responses


Bring Back to Physiology Mental, Postural and Relational Flows


Overcome Trauma and Chronic Stress


Manage Psychosomatic Disorders


Regulate Nutrition


Change Habits and Develop New Skills


Tackle Resistance to Change

We pursue and share an integrated and integrative approach.

We believe that anyone who works with people – from health to education, from wellbeing to development – could benefit from an interdisciplinary perspective and its practical application. 


Meet the Founders 

Fabio Sinibaldi spends his career studying how our brains and bodies adapt to any circumstances and events. He has translated emerging findings from different sciences (neuroplasticity, psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, psychotherapy, nutritional neuroscience, neuroanthropology, human ethology and more) to develop and study a range of applications, strategies and techniques to help people overcome what went wrong and return to physiology.

Sara Achilli is a nutritional expert with a broad and deep understanding of how what we eat everyday can strongly influence our metabolism, the immune system as well as our thoughts and emotions. And vice versa.  She teach to different helping professionals how to thoughtfully apply insights and tools from nutritional sciences to improve their work. In her private practice, she works with clients of all ages from around the world on a full spectrum of issues.


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class or presentation with Fabio and Sara

Fabio and Sara are a highly sought after speaker. Their experiential and practical style of presenting engages any audience, both small and large.  Their ability to adapt the presentation to various learning styles makes complicated topics easy to understand.

Fabio and Sara speak frequently on:

Human nature and behaviour • How to overcome trauma or chronic stress • Integrating mind and body (science based) • Psychosomatic • Resistance to change • How to read different flows (ideative, postural, communicative, movements, etc.) • Changing memories on all levels (mind, brain, body) • Nutrition and physical and mental wellbeing • Any other topics you can find in this website! 

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Stress, Emotions and Health

The Manual for Integrative Professionals

Stress and emotions are two central elements of human life and experience. They are the two main mechanisms by which we adapt to the world, manage dangers, overcome daily challenges and face the great challenges that we are passionate about. They are also at the heart of our motivations and relationships. Unfortunately, they are also the same mechanisms through which, more often than one thinks, the processes that lead to the development of various types of diseases and dysfunctions begin. In fact, stress and emotional responses are complex phenomena, involving all mind-body aspects.

In this text we analyse all the systems involved in a structured, scientific and practical way: the most sophisticated interactions between posture, emotions and the immune system; the links between the language with which we think and the ability to make accurate predictions on the effectiveness of our behaviour; the brain networks that regulate the management of dangers in relation to states of uncertainty and self-image; the lesser-known physical mechanisms that significantly regulate stress responses; the energy metabolism of each cell, affected by nutrition and physical activity, which affects mood and vitality; and numerous other topics and application areas.

This book is a practical manual filled with clinical examples, more than 30 well-detailed techniques, various practical ideas and numerous application tips. It contains more than 80 colour images, including explanatory illustrations of concepts, application of practical techniques, summary diagrams of the main mechanisms analysed and photographs showing the changes that can be achieved through specific exercises.

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Out of print - Will no longer be reprinted because its contents are included, updated and expanded in Stress, Emotions, Health

THE SWITCH – The Science of Change

This book is specifically developed to provide practical tools to help in understanding all the different processes involved in human behaviour and health, ranging from reactions to stress to personal motivation, from emotions to psychosomatics.

This book gathers all the most relevant and well-documented recent discoveries in different fields (adaptation processes, innate responses, epigenetics, acquired schemas, nutrition, metabolic elements, neural plasticity and many others) and presents them as part of an integrated system that starts at microscopic level and encompasses more complex behavioural and decision-making flows. The book is packed with suggestions, practical application tips and tools to intervene in a targeted way on all the elements at play.


Transformative Mindfulness: 45 exercises

An idea-a-day workbook to develop awareness and favour change

A new workbook to help with: change, therapy or development processes.

Much more than just a book, but an all-round process including:

  • Theory and science behind the method
  • 45 Transformative Mindfulness ideas and work sheets
  • Weekly summary exercises

  • A bonus week of further exercises

A simple and practical way to:

  • Develop an aware and detail-oriented mind
  • Live in a focused an intentional way
  • Develop an open and constructive mind-set
  • Grasp and experience the essence of emotions

We present a method and contents that can be used as presented or integrated in different practices and approaches to change.

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Recent Publication and Acknowledgement 

Click on the titles to read the full article:

▸ Sinibaldi F, Switch on to Change – Healthcare, Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal, Jan. 2021

▸ Sinibaldi F, Reflections & Possibilities – The Science of Psychotherapy, Jan. 2021 (co-author with Ruth Lanius, Kathryn Rossi, Mauro Cozzolino, Michael Yapko, Lisa Dion and more).

▸ Sinibaldi F, 7 elements for optimal outcomes in psychotherapy – Fieldwork results, The Science of Psychotherapy, Oct. 2020

▸ Sinibaldi F, Where to Now? – The NeuroPsychotherapist, Jan. 2020 (co-author with con Jeffrey Zeig, John Arden, Louis Cozolino, Pat Ogden and more).

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What They Say About Us

"I had long been looking for a holistic approach with a strong scientific evidence. With Association for Integrative Sciences I finally found it!”

Emily Taylor
Counselor and Physiotherapist

"I really like the idea of a constantly updating scientific community with mutual support for their own projects.”

Sue Williams
Certified International Coach

"Fabio and Sara's warm-heartedness makes every course an unique and recharging event, full of tools and professional tips.”

Alex Mandini

"I found useful and applicable tools and ideas, even because their background and structure are very easy to understand. They help you become a professional, not a mere executor.”

Mark Zonder
Psychologist and Psychotherapist, expert in hypnosis and EMDR

"If you like Mindfulness, this is the right complement. If you don't like Mindfulness, this is an alternative. I have rarely found such a clear and flexible system. Congratulations to the minds behind it!”

Anna Vincenzi
Mindfulness Trainer, Mindsight Practitioner

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