Toward a Psychotherapy Renaissance - The NeuroPsychoTherapist

Apr 30, 2021

I had the honour of being interview by The NeuroPsychoTherapist magazine. They asked me and other distinguished colleagues (Pat Ogden, Jeffrey Zeig, John Arden, Louis Cozolino and more) to answer a simple question, “Where to Now?”.

From the editorial:

"The authors have shared their thoughts, considered opinions and heartfelt passions about how we practice, what we practice and why we practice. We have people talking about neuroscience, technology, education, immunology and lifestyle, neuro-counseling, mindfulness, depression, relationships and more."
- Richard Hill

The starting point of the article is the practice of psychotherapy, but it can be an interesting read for all professionals involved in caring, healing and development processes. You can download a free copy of the magazine here (you will only find some contributions, the full issue is reserved to NPT subscribers only).




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