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Understanding and managing the relationship between nutrition, behaviour, emotions, and psychosomatic disorders


Discover the POWER of food starting from up to date scientific information to make informed decisions about your HEALTH. Every day!


Discover the relationship between nutrition, behaviour, emotions, and psychosomatic disorders.

Sara Achilli, B.Sc. Nutrition - founder of the Integrative Sciences

- What is the relationship between nutrition and inflammation?

- What is the relationship between sugars, fear, anxiety and stress?

- What are the foods that help us regulate stress and emotions?

- Is everything we eat the same?

- How does our body work?

- What are the metabolic pathways activated by food?

- Why is it so difficult to go on a diet?

- Why is it difficult to lose weight and maintain it?

- What are the links between visceral obesity and inflammation?

- And much more

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The Key Role of Nutrition is an ONLINE COURSE composed of a series of thematic modules that are regularly updated in order to:

⇨ 1. Focus specifically on what you need to know about each issue 

⇨ 2. Offer a balance between a whole-picture view and focus sessions on specific issues 

⇨ 3. Fully understand the mechanisms that actually link what we eat with our immune, nervous, endocrine systems and all other systems

⇨ 4. Understand how to change your diet to manage responses to stress, emotions, thinking skills – directly and indirectly 

⇨ 5. Take an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to understanding two-way mind-body mechanisms by identifying the key role played by what we eat each day


Course Programme

General introduction to the modules

⇨ A comprehensive overview

⇨ The worst mistake: confusing nutrition with dieting

⇨ An integrated approach

MODULE 1 - Nutrition and Inflammation


 Food and its effect on behaviour, emotions and psychosomatic disorders

⇨ Introduction to the module

⇨ Chronic inflammation and psychological, physical and mind-body issues 

Inflammation, mind and brain: body-brain pathways

⇨ Mechanisms in action


Pro-inflammatory foods (and suitable alternatives)

⇨ General overview

⇨ Issues with pasta, pizza, sugar, fructose and other refined CARBOHYDRATES

⇨ OILS and FATS: an area to shed light upon (starting with Omega 3s and 6s)

⇨ A targeted plan: which omega fats to choose and in aid of which objectives

⇨ The issue with TRANS FATS and suitable alternatives: OLIVE OIL, BUTTER and COCONUT butter (debunking old myths)

⇨ GLUTAMMATE and cerebral excitement (with implications ranging from anxiety to learning issues) 

MODULE 2 – Eating little and infrequently is good for your health 


The beneficial influence of nutrition on overall health

⇨ Introduction to the module

⇨ How our body works

⇨ Two different routes of metabolism

⇨ The sugar-led metabolic route and inflammation

⇨ The fat metabolism route and the cell repair

⇨ The key role of insulin

⇨ The never-ending meal

⇨ Disadvantages to eat so many carbohydrates and proteins

⇨ Disadvantages to eat so many times a day

⇨ Health risks

⇨ Pathological conditions associated with inflammatory process: gastritis, colitis, asthma, cystitis, food intolerance, celiac disease, endometriosis, lupus, dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and even more serious conditions such as tumours, neurodegenerative diseases, attention deficit disorders, ADHD, learning difficulties, depression and so on.

⇨ Practical suggestions to overcome the problem 

MODULE 3 – Ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting 


The beneficial influence of nutrition on overall health

⇨ Anabolism is inflammatory process while Katabolism is an anti-inflammatory process

⇨ The strategies to shift from anabolism to katabolism and reap all the advantages

⇨ Fats: energy for mind and body

⇨ Fats katabolism

⇨ Not everything we eat is the same: carbohydrates, proteins and fats all activate different metabolic pathways

⇨ How to adopt a ketogenic diet

⇨ How to start intermittent fasting

⇨ Ketone advantages 



Will be made available in the coming months and included in the Integrative Sciences HUB at no additional cost

By registering now you’ll gain immediate access to all previous instalments of the programme. 

In the coming months, according to the Integrative Sciences HUB structure- of which this course is an integral part- the following modules will be added: 

⇨ The key role of human microbiome - coming soon √

⇨ From nutrition to epigenetics

⇨ Energy metabolism, from the mitochondrion right through to muscle strength

⇨ Nutrition cycles: the window of opportunity for nutrition, fasting, chrono diets and other options seen as targeted strategic choices in aid of your specific objectives

⇨ How to use flavour to change nutritional, but also cognitive habits, mind-sets and emotional responsiveness

⇨ Cooking as a philosophy of life

⇨ And much more…

Clear information and practical examples to be used right away

The course presents the latest updates and consensus among the main experts and authoritative institutes. We only present data that has been collected and validated according to the most stringent parameters.

Our approach is ‘neutral’: it doesn’t support any particular diet or theory, but reveals the scientific mechanisms at the heart of the different issues. 

All this is presented in a pragmatic and practical manner in order to help make informed personal choices or to integrate these aspects in your professional life.

Lucy Saunders

“I’ve read all the most up to date publications on the issue: China Study, Mercola and many others, but here I found something more: an objective and impartial presentation that was totally up to date. The pragmatic and concise approach used helped me to apply this information to my professional and daily life immediately!”

Bianca Glover


“At last someone that ‘dares’ explain everything, regardless of trends and ideology. This way everything is clear and easy to link together with other issues. I, for example, have added these to my consultancy programmes. The connections to the other HUB modules are very useful and link theoretical focus sessions with practical techniques. Fantastic! Even more so, if you consider how cost effective it is!! Thank you so much, you’re really special!!”


Sara Achilli

Author | Research & Development | Keynote Speaker

VP of Association for Integrative Sciences 

CEO & Founder at Real Way of Life


Expert in Nutrition and well-being, Sara directly tests the way nutrition can influence change on a nervous, cerebral, genetic and immune level. She has developed the Metabolic-Emotional Switch Model to act on the gut-brain axis and, at the same time, on the energy metabolism of mind-body efficiency.

She works to promote and share the scientific study of nutrition and its practical application. 

She also works with Interpersonal Neurobiology and Scientific Education.

Sara is a member of The Nutrition Society (UK) and many other prestigious international associations

She also keynotes conferences and conducts workshops for clinicians and therapist all over the world.

In the Real Way of Life, Sara coordinates programs and makes an annual report for the most important international events.

Author of:  The Handbook of Integrative Sciences: Evolution, Adaptation, and Physiology – The latest theories and tools in a practical and modular approach to restore physical and mental health; Transformative Mindfulness: 45 exercises
An idea-a-day workbook to develop awareness and favour change; The Switch – The Science of Change
A guide for professionals driving change effectively on every level

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