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The beauty of mindfulness enriched and broadened through Integrative Sciences


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Practical exercises, guided meditations, tips for application and much more


If you ever happen to think or feel something like, "Good! What's next? What more can I do?" or "Nice, this would also go well with..." or "I like it, but it's missing a piece to work better on me/my patients...", or again "I understand that mindfulness works, but it's not for me", while you were trying out or practicing mindfulness, then this course is for you! 

These are precisely the reasons why Integrative Mindfulness was developed: all the enthusiastic feedback and desire to be able to do even more or, the need felt by many people to add an important missing piece to their practice.

As a result, we have drawn on all the research on the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation and we have also carried some out directly to clarify all the processes and be coherent with the Integrative Sciences approach. We then figured out how to expand its strengths and looked for solutions to possible application limitations, cases in which it was not effective or, simply, how to overcome the fact that some people just didn’t like it.

An effective tool for you and your profession

Discover and try out a series of techniques, exercises and practical suggestions that are applicable in different contexts for your well-being, to recover energy, to release tension or to bring focus back to where it really is required.

The techniques and all their variations have been studied and developed over time to help people be present, live experiences fully, bringing thought flows, physical flows, external and internal sensations and emotions, stress responses, the most primitive relational dynamics as well as the most evolved ones back into harmony and physiological state.


Include integrative mindfulness easily in your daily routine

improving your health and happiness

Practical tools to change the way you react

respond with awareness and control over stress, emotions and relationships

Know yourself and others better

change the way you observe behaviour, physical and mental reactions, needs and motivations

With this course you will gain the tools to:

  • Rapidly promote overall well-being and relief
  • Quickly release stress and tension
  • Improve the therapeutic efficacy of other therapies you are carrying out at the same time (psychotherapy, pain management, etc.)
  • Develop a particularly acute and active interoceptive awareness
  • Promote the release or synergy between the different flows (thoughts, emotions, posture, gestures, etc.) and dysfunctional behaviours
  • Act on mind and body in an organic way thanks to the synergy with Integrative Sciences
  • Release and distance yourself from negative, intrusive or ruminative thoughts
  • Have a flexible and evolutionary approach to daily life
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Course programme


1) Introduction

  • Premises
  • Making good use of the mind
  • Nurturing Integrative Mindfulness

2) Your first experiences with Integrative Mindfulness

  • Listen to yourself objectively
  • Breathing with awareness
  • Relax the entire body
  • Integrative music
  • Explore and free your body
  • Tasting mindfully and with an integrative approach

2) The Chocolate (+ Salt) Meditation

  • Preparation
  • Guided meditation


In our next updates:

  • Various new mental-physical-emotional integration exercises
  • New guided meditations with different objectives and application methods
  • New sensory experiences (musical, tasting, etc.)
  • Many practical suggestions


Angelica Lewis

"I already knew and I enjoyed mindfulness, but with this supplementary integration, it seems to me that it works in a more rounded way and on all levels. I can’t wait for the next updates!"

Andy Johnson

"Traditional mindfulness is too static for me. With this method, however, I can feel sensations properly and integrate thought, body and emotions. I really like techniques that involve music and taste. Nice job, this is something truly innovative!"

“Mindfulness is part of what makes us human: it's our ability to be fully conscious and aware.
Unfortunately, we usually find ourselves in this state only for short periods of time and we are soon reabsorbed by our daydreams and personal narratives.
The ability to be aware at any moment, especially in the middle of emotional turbulence, is very specific. Fortunately, it's a skill that can be acquired and developed.

- Fabio Sinibaldi


Fabio Sinibaldi, PsyD, MBPsS

Author | Research & Development Professional | Integrative Psychotherapist | Keynote Speaker
President of the Association for Integrative Sciences
CEO & Founder of Real Way of Life

Fabio is an expert in Applied Neurosciences and PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology which he combines with an evolutionary and ethological standpoint.

With an international career spanning more than 20 years, he is the founder of the Association for Integrative Sciences and of the Real Way of Life research and training institutes. 

Working as a clinician, researcher and trainer, he is the developer of the Integrative Sciences, the Switch Model, the Integrative Functional Patterns, Isometric Emotions techniques, Ideographic Thinking, and several other integrative techniques (developed to manage psychosomatic diseases, chronic stress, trauma, self-regulation, emotions, development processes, etc. in a targeted way). 

His work incorporates: neuroplasticity, brain and mental metabolism, brain networks, nutritional neuroscience, primal social intelligence, mental-postural-emotional-motor flows, and more. 

He conducts seminars on The Switch Model throughout the world.

Lecturer at post graduate schools of psychotherapy and counselling, he holds seminars for universities and institutions in different countries.

Fabio regularly attends national and international congresses as a speaker, as well as an author of many successful books and articles published in different languages, including:

Stress, Emotions and Health - The Manual for Integrative Professionals.
Science, methods and tools to work on connections between emotions, posture, brain, metabolism, immunity and all the processes at the heart of health and development

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  • Quickly release stress and tension
  • Develop a particularly acute and active interoceptive awareness
  • Promote the release or synergy between the different flows (thoughts, emotions, posture, gestures, etc.) and dysfunctional behaviours
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