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The breathing technique that acts on all levels to:

- regulate stress responses 

- restore well-being and physiology to mind and body

-develop self-control in every situation



explained step by step in every detail

5 WAYS to apply it with sub-variants

for a total of 12 sub-variants

8 scientific and theoretical CORNERSTONES

on which it was designed and tested



Add a practical and flexible tool to your profession.

You can easily use it in different contexts.

It can be used autonomously or to support other interventions.



Course Curriculum


Modules available on registration:


⇨ Why and How breathing techniques can be effective at multiple levels

⇨ The specifics of Crossed Cycles Breathing


Scientific and integrative references

 Scientific evidence and levels of effectiveness

 Interaction between emotions, stress, anatomy and interoception

Pain, trauma and blocked breathing

Control, safety and mastery

 Breathing and interactions with people and the environment


Basic Technique

⇨ An overview

⇨ Management and security indications

 A little test to get off to a great start piccolo test per iniziare al meglio

⇨ Practical and detailed instructions

 A complete demonstration

⇨ PDF scripts of the different steps to take with patients/clients/users


Insight 1 – Synchronisation of cycles

⇨ Strengthen integration, development and physiology

 Explore connections between movements, sensations and emotions

⇨ Develop neurobiological control and mastery

 Fluidity between predictions and behavior


Insight 2 – Multiple-level Awareness and Mastery

 Two complementary ways to develop targeted and focused attention between thoughts, muscles and movement
⇨ Emotional-postural schemas that waste energy

 How to control muscles to regain control at multiple levels

⇨ Emotions, Thoughts and Memories that emerge from the body

⇨ Typical Symmetries and Asymmetries

 Active and passive control


Coming soon over the next few weeks:

Insight 3 – Behavioural Hierarchies

 Three variations to experiment with different forms of adaptation and development

 Use of external sensory stimuli, postures, and other factors to actively interact with the triggering processes


Insight 4 – Inner and Outer World

 Three different ways to manage the interactions between inner and outer world, from the breathing of others to trigger alerts, up to variants with open or closed eyes.


Insight 5 – Adaptation and Development in Relationships

 Three ways to introduce the relational dimension in breathing and explore the dynamics of conflict, trust or interaction.


Practical examples and insights

Practical demonstration - how to explain and test Crossed Cycles Breathing

 Variations, insights and comments 1

 Variations, insights and comments 2


And regular updates…

 New insights and variations provided regularly

A practical tool, 
An excellent ally for those working on
emotions, stress, performance and well-being


Verified Feedbacks


Emma Lee

“I have been studying relaxation and psychosomatic techniques for a long time. This technique combines many elements and takes us a step further!… or maybe even 2 or 3 steps further!! Well done!

Benjamin Flores

“We often hear about awareness, acceptance and mind and body integration; this tool works on these aspects in a concrete, structured and practical way. Excellent! :)”


Fabio Sinibaldi, PsyD, MBPsS

Author | Research & Development Professional | Integrative Psychotherapist | Keynote Speaker
President of the Association for Integrative Sciences
CEO & Founder of Real Way of Life

Fabio is an expert in Applied Neurosciences and PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology which he combines with an evolutionary and ethological standpoint.

With an international career spanning more than 20 years, he is the founder of the Association for Integrative Sciences and of the Real Way of Life research and training institutes. 

Working as a clinician, researcher and trainer, he is the developer of the Integrative Sciences, the Switch Model, the Integrative Functional PatternsIsometric Emotions techniquesIdeographic Thinking, and several other integrative techniques (developed to manage psychosomatic diseases, chronic stress, trauma, self-regulation, emotions, development processes, etc. in a targeted way). 

His work incorporates: neuroplasticity, brain and mental metabolism, brain networks, nutritional neuroscience, primal social intelligence, mental-postural-emotional-motor flows, and more. 

He conducts seminars on The Switch Model throughout the world.

Lecturer at post graduate schools of psychotherapy and counselling, he holds seminars for universities and institutions in different countries.

Fabio regularly attends national and international congresses as a speaker, as well as an author of many successful books and articles published in different languages.

Author of several books and articles, including:

Stress, Emotions and Health - The Manual for Integrative Professionals.
Science, methods and tools to work on connections between emotions, posture, brain, metabolism, immunity and all the processes at the heart of health and development


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