Understanding Behaviours and Needs: from observation to hypothesis (video-demo)

Aug 25, 2022

 We often find ourselves asking questions like these:

  • Why does he/she get so furiously angry? Why now?

  • Why does he/she start crying over any little thing? Is it a need, a way out, a request or something else?

  • Is that shoulder rolled forwards as a shield, a challenge or is it a sign of stress? Is it coherent with the communication pitch, interpersonal hierarchies and the individual or the other party’s emotional experience?

In other instances, someone’s reaction or behaviour attracts our attention, and we try to understand its real, deeper meaning

For instance we might notice: a sudden, over-the-top emotional reaction; a person who apologises unnecessarily; words coming to a halt all of a sudden; stiffening shoulders or arms even in relaxed situations; constant loss of train of thought that never brings the conversation to a point; sudden shortness of breath and forward-leaning posture; and many more.

There are numerous models and theories to interpret verbal communication, non-verbal language, emotional responses and other behavioural flows (posture, relational dynamics, ideation, primary social responses, etc.). Unfortunately, they often focus on just one, or at most, two of them.

Analyzing all these levels in depth and considering all their reciprocal interactions is extremely effective and offers a wide range of ideas for a more complete case formulation and practical hints for areas of intervention.

In the video below you will find an example of how these mechanisms can be evaluated in a couple of very common situations.

The approach I use in the video above is the Analysis of the Behavioural Flows and Ancestral Needs.

To gain a more precise and complete view of what this method is, you can watch the video below and/or take a look at the page that presents it in details.



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