Analysing the different levels of Behaviour and related Needs + which Tools to use

Aug 03, 2023

In this video we see a practical example of how to analyse a case using the Analysis of Behavioural Flows and of Ancestral Needs method.

It is a practical method for analysing behaviour on multiple levels (communication, thought, posture, relationships, movement, etc.) and uncovering underlying needs and motivations.

Watching this video, you will also find several insights to enrich the way you habitually observe your interlocutors and broaden the deep reflections that emerge through different perspectives.

What you see below is an extract from the course that teaches you the Analysis of Behavioural Flows and of Ancestral Needs method.
It is one of many courses with a multi-disciplinary and practical approach developed through the perspective of Applied Integrative Sciences.

In this video I have also included some references to various techniques and tools that you can find in the Integrative Sciences HUB (and more) that can be used to work on the different aspects that are analysed in the different steps of this case.






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