Diaphragmatic breathing: the most common mistakes (that even experts make!)

Feb 15, 2022

In this video we look at some common mistakes and a number of details that can make one of the most powerful techniques- diaphragmatic breathing- ineffective.

In the video we discuss:

  • The balloon metaphor: 9 times out of 10 it is misinterpreted and, paradoxically, limits the movement of the diaphragm
  • How does the diaphragm move physiologically? Let's take a look at a 3D animation showing anatomical connections to understand what measures are needed
  • How to breathe to obtain a "Vagal Reset" effect
  • How to terminate a stress response
  • How to use our breath to "make the body feel" all our available resources
  • The "second diaphragm" (located in the mouth) and how it can block the main diaphragm. What can be done to avoid this?


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In the webinar we show The Integrative Functional Patterns (discover more) focusing on the concept of Termination

In the final part we also talk about the tension we have in our mouth and neck. If you are interested, you can find a technique (or rather 3 techniques rolled in one and its different variations) to release physical and emotional tensions in this area, here.

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