Savoring the Moment: The Science and Benefits of Integrative Meditation with Chocolate [FREE PDF and Video]

Jul 02, 2023

In an era where 'hurried and harried' often characterizes our eating habits, taking a moment to pause, savor, and truly experience our meals can seem like a radical act. Yet, this is precisely what our integrative mindfulness practice encourages. Integrative Mindfulness, as the name suggests, merges mindfulness with a range of disciplines - from neuroscience and epigenetics to food science and culinary arts, and many others.

In this specific script (download the full script), participants are invited on a sensorial exploration with two types of chocolate – plain and salted. Far from being a mere exercise in indulgence, this practice interweaves deep scientific insights with our primal relationship with food, centered on survival, self-care, and creative passion.

The practice of mindfulness meditation engages our senses and promotes a heightened level of awareness. Our integrative approach helps unify our mind, body, and environment into one harmonious experience. By focusing on the sensorial exploration of eating, we activate an often neglected aspect of our cognition - our interoceptive sense - which is our ability to perceive internal bodily sensations. This results in a more conscious and appreciative relationship with food, with benefits extending to improved eating habits and emotional self-regulation.

Chocolate serves as the perfect catalyst in this meditation script. Its rich, complex flavor profile, and its ability to stimulate our brain's pleasure and reward circuits, make it an ideal subject for integrative mindful tasting. From the sweet, creamy texture to the slight bitterness, every facet of the chocolate is designed to deliver delight. This activation of the reward circuits not only makes the exercise enjoyable but also reinforces the formation of new habits.

The introduction of salt in the second half of the script serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it adds an unexpected twist to the chocolate, enhancing its flavors and adding a dash of novelty to keep the senses engaged. On the other hand, salt has been shown to increase general body and brain activation, leading to heightened awareness and a more vibrant tasting experience.

It's worth noting that we're only going to use two grains of salt in this meditation. This modest amount allows us to reap the benefits associated with salt consumption while avoiding the risks associated with excessive intake. It also trains our palate to appreciate the profound impact that small amounts of salt can have on the flavour profile of food, encouraging a healthier and more mindful approach to seasoning our meals.


Eating and our survival instincts are deeply intertwined. This script gives us the opportunity to activate and examine primal responses, including hunger and avidity, as well as the instincts associated with hunting and gathering. Even the intricate interplay between selfishness and cooperation can come into focus during this exercise.Through this practice, we have the unique opportunity to explore these primal instincts from a variety of perspectives. In the process, we can start to understand that even disruptive feelings and motivations can be understood, explored, and even modulated.

The art of tasting and savouring is also a form of creative expression and passion. It invites us to explore the world of flavours, textures and aromas in a way that awakens our innate curiosity. In doing so, we deepen our appreciation for the complexity and richness of our food and, by extension, our lives.

This integrative mindful meditation with chocolate is not just about savouring a moment of indulgence. It is an invitation to slow down, tune into our bodies and minds, and celebrate the sensory symphony that is the simple act of eating. Through the humble medium of chocolate, it paints a vibrant picture of mindfulness, self-care, creativity and pleasure - a celebration of the multifaceted nature of our relationship with food.


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