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Techniques to intervene on posture, movements, perception and self-representations, to unlock and integrate body-mind mechanisms in response to stress, anxiety, pain and trauma

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Discover how to intervene at the ROOT of


(fight, flight, freezing, stress, pain, allostatic load, etc.)


Movement, Posture, Perception Sensory stimuli, Physical Maps and Mental Representations


SOMATIC, SENSORY, PHYSICAL interventions key contribution to change processes is now well-known.  
Learn practical TECHNIQUES that you can easily integrate into YOUR care and development practice.

Isometric Emotions and Psychosomatic Stretching are

a set of scientifically based tools applicable

in different contexts that professionals can use to:

⇨ 1. Understand the different mechanisms of activation and deactivation of the body in emotional and stress responses (neurobiological, at muscle chain level, in the fascia, stress axes, etc) 

⇨ 2. Bring the body back into physiological state, end contractions that are no longer useful and that limit freedom of movement and expression, reduce physical tension that keeps alert systems active and that can favour chronic pain, recover fluidity in adaptation movement and well-being etc.

⇨ 3. Develop Awareness and Mastery starting from the basics, providing practical tools and immediate feedback

⇨ 4. Stimulate more precisely and accurately during the normalization and re-integration process of stress, anxiety, fear and other emotion systems 

5. Manage hyper-activation, hyper-reactivity, rigidity (physical and mental) and other typical somatization problems linked to chronic stress, anxiety, fear and trauma


Course Programme

updated, refreshed, extended!




 An overview 


Scientific and theoretical background

General overview

Muscle chains, Mind, Emotions

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems in action

Adaptation and Brain Networks

The Fascia, not just structural support

The role of Primitive Reflexes

Isometric Emotions – the techniques

General instructions  

Version #1: Supine exercises

Basic supine exercises

 The Butterfly 

The Hedgehog


Version #2: Standing Exercises

  Introduction and core version

  Variant 1 - coherence between distance and sensations

  Variant 2 – coherence between experience, memories and objectives

  Variant 3 – developing the ability to change




General Overview

⇨ The background

Where to start

Physical-Emotional schemas to work on

Core technique


Techniques for specific areas and regions of the body

Head and neck techniques – explanations

Head and neck techniques – demo and insights

Shoulder techniques – explanations

Shoulder techniques – 3 variations and demo

INTEGRATION with IMAGINATION (involving all muscle groups)


Coming soon in the next updates

⇨ Numerous other variations and demonstrations

⇨ Advanced insights and fine-tuning

⇨ Coming soon: techniques with legs, pelvis and other typically psychosomatic areas

Real-life Feedback

 What our trainee say

 Marcus Trickler

“Thank you so much for developing tools like this: a perfect mix of updated theory and various practical applications. This technique is effective, patients like it and it can be used in many different environments!” 

Alina Bowman

“…this course integrates the latest scientific updates regarding mind and body and transforms them into truly useful practical application methods!


Charlotte Anderson

“A truly useful bottom-up technique that offers immediate feedback"


 Laura Lorentz

“I have used this technique in many cases, since I’ve discovered it, from those where it is most obviously necessary (pain from stress or trauma) to those where I understand that there is an important psychosomatic connection of which the patient is not aware (for example the symptom is headache and muscular and emotional tension is not perceived)"

Practical Strategies You Can Use Immediately in Your Daily Work 

A powerful tool, which can be used independently, or as an excellent integration for psychotherapy sessions, counselling, meditation, experiential workshops and in any context that requires the development of physiology, integration and mastery.


Fabio Sinibaldi, PsyD, MBPsS

Author | Research & Development Professional | Integrative Psychotherapist | Keynote Speaker
President of the Association for Integrative Sciences

Fabio is an expert in Applied Neurosciences and PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology which he combines with an evolutionary and ethological standpoint.

With an international career spanning more than 20 years, he is the founder of the Association for Integrative Sciences and of the Real Way of Life research and training institutes. 

Working as a clinician, researcher and trainer, he is the developer of the Integrative Sciences, the Switch Model, the Integrative Functional PatternsIsometric Emotions techniquesIdeographic Thinking, and several other integrative techniques (developed to manage psychosomatic diseases, chronic stress, trauma, self-regulation, emotions, development processes, etc. in a targeted way). 

His work incorporates: neuroplasticity, brain and mental metabolism, brain networks, nutritional neuroscience, primal social intelligence, mental-postural-emotional-motor flows, and more. 

He conducts seminars on The Switch Model throughout the world.

Lecturer at post graduate schools of psychotherapy and counselling, he holds seminars for universities and institutions in different countries.

Fabio regularly attends national and international congresses as a speaker, as well as an author of many successful books and articles published in different languages.


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