Stabilization + Psychosomatic Release: A Practical Session

Feb 10, 2024

This video is an introduction to the use of the Psychosomatic Point Release technique as part of a Stabilization exercise.

Somatization pain points, finding relief and centering, and beginning to work with somatic memories are key concepts surrounding this exercise.

This exercise is created by integrating the following:

> The Psychosomatic Point Release Technique, a method for relieving physical manifestations of stress and trauma at specific points in the body. It also allows us to work on somatic memories, stress and emotions that are "trapped" in the body.

> The Stabilization phase, a crucial component of trauma treatment, has now been extended to different approaches and areas of application. In short, this phase aims to develop safety strategies and emotional regulation that allow individuals to better manage trauma-related reactions (and more) and reduce symptoms of hyper-activation.

In this video, I will guide you through a brief demonstration, starting with the process of identifying psychosomatic points in your own body and facilitating release on multiple levels (muscular, emotional, mental, etc.).

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