Reading someone's behaviour, body and intentions

Oct 05, 2022

Reading someone's behaviour, body and intentions is not easy.

You may know several theories and possess specific skills, but it is often difficult to put them into practice and have a comprehensive view that includes all levels and their connections. E.g., posture is influenced by anatomical mechanisms, habits, emotions, stress axes, cultural aspects, symbolic elements and more. And in turn, posture influences many of these aspects, as well as cognitive processes and much more. 

There are many aspects to take into account. For years I have been working on integrating different methods and approaches that have a solid foundation in science and consider all the aspects involved (learned, innate, cultural, biological factors, survival mechanisms, primary relationships, etc.).

Watch the videos below for some insight (NB: we have made several videos, each delving into different aspects).

Find out more on this approach www.insciences.co/flows (already a member? It is included in your HUB subscription!)

Example 1


Example 2

 Example 3, 4 and more coming soon...



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